Dice it -process page

What is the app about?

"Dice it " is a user-centric platform serves as an educational guide, assisting different age demographics in mastering the culinary sciences, facilitating their ability to enact selected recipes, and inspiring an exploration of a broad array of worldwide gastronomic cultures. Through the conception and development of the "Dice it" mobile application, my chief aim was to provide a seamless and interactive interface for those who are keen on discovering and refining the craft of making their beloved cuisines from across the globe.

Beginning Sketches

I started off with the idea of having the user choose which country they would like to cook a dish from.

Picking a meal

After selecting a country, the user would be able to pick the meal they want to cook.

Preparing your meal

After the user decides on a meal they will then follow the ingridients and step by step process to complete it.

Low-fidelity wireframes


I wanted the app to have two parts one for the student (user) and one for the chef (teacher). So I created two seperate log-in's for each account.

Home Page

The Homapge would be a general screen filled with recommended meals from the user's last searches, likes and favorites.

Browse Engine

A page where user's can type in a specific country or meal they wish to cook.

Browse Meals

After searching for said country, user can browse through various dishes we have to offer.

Select A Meal

User selects the meal they want to cook and they begin following the step by step instructions and small video tutorials.

Complete Meal

When user has completed all steps they will reach this final screen which congratulates them on their completed meal. It promopts them to do some secondary activities like rating their experiience and leaving a picture of their finished meal.

Dice It logo

Login - Student/Chef

I created a two part login one for the student (user) and one for the chef (teacher). I created a button on the top left where you can change the login by clicking it.

Home Page

I filled this screen with recommended meals from the user's last searches, and gave them the ability to add certain meals to their favorites.

Search Page

For this project, I chose to specialize in dishes from my native country Nigeria.

Browse Meals

A list of meals/recipes from Nigeria that you can scroll through

Step 1-7

After selecting the meal you want to create, follow the step by step process until complete.

Rating Page

At the end of the meal, it prompts a rating which the user can rate their experience using the recipe and have options to post a picture of what they made, and browse through other similar dishes

Clickable Prototype