Leats- Process page

What is this app about?

This project was primarily aimed at enhancing its user interface. The major hurdle faced was customers choosing restaurants that were closed. In response, I created an alert system that guided users towards other options. Furthermore, I tackled the common issue of lack of delivery personnel by proposing two solutions: joining a queue for a driver or choosing self-pickup. These strategic design decisions improve user satisfaction and position 'Leats' as an innovative leader in resolving problems in the food delivery industry.

Leats Logo

A food delivery app.

Login Page

This project was based a problem question. "How can you provide a solution if there are no drivers available to deliver the user's food."

Home Page

First page after sign-in. I used Deceptive UX by making today's pick of a restaurant a lot bigger. This grabs the user's attention and persuades them to want to try this restaurant.

Error- restaurant closed

I decided to solve another problem…"what to do if the restaurant is closed". This was my first time creating an error message in Figma. After the user clicked on the restaurant this message pops us letting them know to make a new selection.

Selection page

The menu selection page, after the user selected a new restaurant and has picked their choice of meals.

No drivers available

After placing their order the app shows that there are no available drivers currently, they're all busy. To solve this, I created 3 ways out; the customer can join a waitlist, in which they will be notified when a driver becomes available, two they can choose to pick up their order instead of waiting, or three they can cancel the order and get a refund.

Joined Waitlist

The user had chosen to join the waitlist until a delivery driver becomes available. However I still gave them the choice to be able to pick up or cancel their order as long as the time left is conducive to our requirements.

Clickable Prototype