Your National Parks- process page

What is the app about?

The app emphasizes enabling users to effortlessly discover and reach neighbouring parks. To elevate the user experience and assist in decision-making, a review portion was added for credible feedback. Interactive maps incorporated for every park provide crucial spatial and pathway details, guaranteeing a smooth and gratifying experience for all outdoor activities

Your National Parks Logo






Menu Overlay

A component I created for the menu in my parks app. I created a drop down style for menu, filled it with all the contents a user would need in the app.

Home page

The home/welcome page, I added a small quote to let users know what my app is about.

Menu Drop down

A pop-up that shows when the user clicks on the 'hamburger' menu icon.

User Reviews page

In my planning and brainstorming of this app I thought it would be cool to have a review page for each park. Customers are more likely to visit a park they know others have left good opinions on.

Maps page

List of user's saved maps, maps that users have been to and saved along the way. I created this page for users to comeback to so they don't have to search for their favorite parks every time.

Scrollable Map

I added a scrollable map feature, to spice up my prototyping and give users a realistic look at the map of the park.