L&N Luxury-Process Page

What is the app about?

The app focuses on responsibly incorporating "Dark" UX principles to encourage user purchases. Meticulously designed user flows prioritize compelling elements, and the checkout process includes a timer to instill a sense of urgency and highlight high demand, boosting users' desire to acquire the selected items.

App Logo

I went with calm and happy colors mixing black, blue and grey to give a sophisticated yet joyful vibe.



Login Page

A project based on my own aspirations of having a luxury brand. I based my app of the "Peak end rule", a psychological heuristic.

Home Page

I used manipulative and persuasive statements that would draw users to follow a specific flow. Hence;
"Star Of The Week"

Manipulative UX

The high price of the purse is contingent with that of a luxury brand. Manipulative UX is used to persuade user behavior and decisions "Only 3 left in stock" is a statement used to "manipulate" users into buying my product quicker.

Cart page

This is the cart page, it shows the item and the price before taxes.

Checkout page

This is the Peak of your process, you're finally going to buy the product. This is the most heightened stage for users. There's a timer which adds pressure to the user. Dark Ux patterns is used to lead the user to making a decision, which is to checkout our product before they have a chance to change their minds.

Peak-end Rule

The end of the heuristic stage, the end of the process. You have completed a dark Ux pattern, we successfully manipulated your choice to buy our product.

Clickable Prototype